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The Junior Golf Program has the following change:

All Junior Golfers intending to have instruction at Ouleout Creek Golf Course

offered by Catskill Mountains Junior Golf during the month of July are advised

to contact the club directly for their modified program.  You may call

607.829.2100 for details.


The program for Shepard Hills Golf Club in Roxbury remains the same as

originally scheduled during the month of July.



                                         2016 Junior Golf Program

                                Catskill Mountains Junior Golf, Inc.


 Catskill Mountains Junior Golf, Inc is proud to announce our 2016 Junior

Golf Program.  It is a very comprehensive program that will maximize the

learning experience yet keep the game simple and fun.  We are very eager to

introduce the game to young people.  It is a game that will last a lifetime and

Juniors are the future of the game of golf!


 The package being offered is scheduled for clinics and golf on the following


Ouleout Jul 6th, 12th, 19th and 26th;  Shephard Hills Jul 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th

for both boys and girls.  ‘Check-in’ Day 1, each Junior will receive a free hat.

Parent/Jr Tourn will be Sat July 23rd at Ouleout Creek Golf Course and Sat

July 30th at Shephard Hills Golf Club.  Picnic day and prizes at each club.


 The range of age is 5-17 for both boys and girls.  Each group will play a

certain number of holes each week depending on ability.  There are built

incentives to advance within the program.  For example, we will want 3 Holers

to move up to 6 Holers and 6 Holers to move up to 9 Holers.  Written exams

will be part of moving up, as well as one’s ability to strike the ball, and all

must learn the proper etiquette of the game.  Included in the program is an

incentive for parents to play golf with their children (extra points are awarded).

Point winners will receive awards at the end of the program.


 Each committee and/or mentors will range from 12-18 people.  The program

will be limited to 70 Juniors at each club.  The program FEE is $40.


Each Junior Golfer will be required to attend a minimum of 3 clinic days!!


 We would like to thank all sponsors and helpers in advance. This program

depends on both.  If you know a business or someone that would like to make

a donation, please, have them contact us.  ALL donations are tax deductible;

we have a 501(c)(3) status [not for profit].


Please, join us for the 2016 Junior Golf Program at either club.  See the “info”

Tab of our web site for the application.  www.catskillmountainsjuniorgolf.com


Special Membership pricing at Ouleout Creek and Shephard Hills can be found

by going to:   www.ouleoutgolf.com  and www.shephardhills.com




Thank you all from the Board of Directors.







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