Roxbury, NY and North Franklin, NY……News Release.


Junior Golf Introduction.  Catskill Mountains Junior Golf is once again offering a major Junior

Golf Program at two locations in 2015.  The Shephard Hills Golf Course in Roxbury and Ouleout Creek Golf Course in North Franklin are both offering Junior Golf clinic days, a Championship Day and a Parent/Junior Tournament in July 2015.  The main program will be followed by a season ending Banquet and Awards day at Fortin Park, Oneonta, NY.  The Banquet and Awards day will be a fun day for all the families, lots of recreation and food as well.  All winners of all the events throughout the program days will receive their awards on this day.


The program focuses on:  Learning how to play golf, the rules of golf, etiquette, proper dress and much more.  Included therein are many of life’s lessons:  Courtesy, Respect, Judgment, Responsibility, Perseverance, Integrity, Honesty, Confidence and Sportsmanship.


Children ages 5-17 are welcome.  Golf is a game that can be played and enjoyed for life.  Many youngsters play various sports during school with no exposure to golf.  Simply by learning basic golf techniques and principles these Junior Golfers have a distinct advantage over learning the game after finishing school.


For more information visit the web site: or contact us thru our email,    The application to sign up can be found on our web site starting March 1, 2015.  Should you encounter any problems, please, email us.


Catskill Mountains Junior Golf, Inc. is a charity that is managed by a Board of Directors

(5 Members).  The President and Executive Director is Gordie Faulkner, PGA.